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We're very grateful to Tom Imeson and www.cobaltcomputing.org for updating our website to enable it to meet new accessibility requirements and make it much better viewing on tablets and phones. And so good that the Parish Council could put some work to a young and upcoming local company (after fair competition for the job).


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Parish Council Minutes and Newsletter

The draft minutes of the council meeting held on the 13th January 2021 and the latest newsletter are now available here and in the Parish Council section of the website.

Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 13 January 2021at 7.30pm by Zoom Video Conference. The agenda for the meeting can be found at https://www.crakehall.org.uk/agendas-minutes Parish

Precept Consultation 2021/2022

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire's Police Fire and Crime Commissioner, is asking North Yorkshire residents how much they are willing to pay in their council tax bill for North Yorkshire Police and Nort

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