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Restarting Face to Face Meetings OF THE Parish Council

As a consequence of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Parish Council has not

held a “face to face” meeting since January 2020. Business has been

conducted, under emergency legislation, using the Zoom Video Conference

Platform but the Government has not extended this legislation and therefore

council meetings must now once again be held “face to face”. Despite the

removal of all legal requirements on 19 July 2021, it is perhaps inevitable that

some councillors and members of the public will have some concerns about

meeting on 21 July 2021 in Crakehall Village Hall. The purpose of this Risk

Assessment is to provide reassurance that the arrangements for the meeting

have been carefully thought through and those attending will be as safe as

they possibly can be. The steps taken to minimise the risk of spreading the

coronavirus are as follows:

- The meeting will be held in the main hall (rather than the previous

practice of meeting in the smaller Stembridge Room).

- Doors and several windows will be open to improve ventilation.

- Seats for councillors and members of the public will be placed at least

two metres apart with additional distance if folk are facing one another.

- A QR code for track and trace will be provided and those not using the

code will be asked to register their attendance and leave a contact

telephone number.

- Those attending will be asked to wear face coverings until they are

seated and, of course, there would not be any objections to anyone

continuing to wear a mask even when seated.

- Hand sanitiser will be provided and those attending will be asked to use

it on entering the building.

Cllr David Shw, Chairman of the Council

Chris McGee, Clerak to the Council

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