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Platinum jubilee village photo

To download full size photo (16.9 Mb) right click on photo and choose 'Open Link in New Tab'. When this tab opens right click again and choose 'Save Image As' and save to your chosen directory.


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After the end of each financial year, the Parish Council is subject to processes of Internal and, unless exempt, External Audit. Levels of income and expenditure for 2021/22 were below the thresholds

The draft minutes from the Annual Parish Council Meeting and the bi-monthly Parish Council meeting both held on 18 May 2022 are now available at: https://www.crakehall.org.uk/_files/ugd/6b2d9f_1143719

Crakehall with Langthorne Parish Council has a vacancy for a councillor to represent the Crakehall Parish. If you're interested, please let the clerk know via email, cwlpc.clerk@gmail.com, before midn