Notice of Unstable Headstones

CRAKEHALL WITH LANGTHORNE PARISH COUNCIL NOTICE After carrying out a recent assessment of the headstones in this cemetery, a number of them have been assessed as unstable. If you are a relative of any of the below named or know any relatives please could I ask you to get in touch with the clerk to Crakehall Parish Council. James Sedgwick, died 1946 Phillip Braithwaite, died 1916 Connie Chapman William Chapman, died 1920 Lupton Stelling, died 1922 Ronald Warrier, died 1934 William Hutchinson, died 1933 Guendelene Ward, died 1923 John Grainger, died 1946 John Pinkney, died 1929 Henry Leng, died 1950 William Gordon Brown, died 1963 Charles Lumley, died 1983 George Snowdon, died 1972 Louisa Nels

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