The first written record of Crakehall (then known as Crachele) is thought to have appeared in the Domesday Book of 1086. 
In 1976, Mr Harry Stembridge, a long time resident, published a 'History of Crakehall' containing many interesting facts, figures and dates!


Now, in keeping with modern technology, the village history is the subject of a website created by Ian Hancock that contains links to 'Crakehall Marriage registers from 1843 to 1923' and 'Crakehall Tithe Award 1839'- to mention just a couple. Ian Hancock's website is well worth viewing - he spent many happy holidays as a child in Crakehall when his grandmother, Clara Hancock, lived at "The Bungalow" overlooking the bridge, and his great aunt, Gertrude Stelling, was landlady of the Bay Horse. Later, Ian and his father, George, spent a lot of time researching the history of the village. The website is a mine of fascinating information and is available at: 





Above shows Mr & Mrs Stelling and the Old Bay horse. 

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