An election will be held on 2 May 2019 to appoint the five councillors who will represent Crakehall on the Parish Council for the next four years, Seven folk have been nominated - Al BEAL, David Jonathan HOLT, Jonathan Christopher NEALE, David Andrew SHAW, John Michael SHEPHARD, Darren Neil VENTHAM and John David WILSON. We have provided here an opportunity for each of them to say a ;little bit about themselves and what their priorities would be for the parish if they are elected. We will publish these statements in the order they are received - please note that there is no requirement for any of the nominees to provide any information. 

(Suzanne Stirke has been elected unopposed to the single seat which is available for the Langthorne Parish (on the Crakehall with Langthorne Parish Council). 



I am a retired Petroleum Geologist and have been resident in Crakehall since 2008. I spent the majority of my career working overseas but since my early retirement in 2016 I have taken an active interest in village affairs. I am a regular attendee of Parish Council meetings. I have recently been involved with the Speeding Sub Committee of the Parish Council, looking into ways to address the speeding issues on the A684 through the village. As I am now retired I will have the time to spend on Parish Council affairs and my priorities will be addressing speeding issues on the A684, preserving the character of the village and improving the amenities for the younger residents of the village.


I have grown up in Crakehall, attending the Playgroup and Primary School, and am now raising my family here. My grandparents moved to Crakehall in 1959 and were very active in village life including Women’s Institute; Village green; Children’s sports, Village Hall and, of course, the Village School. In fact, our family has had continual attendance at the School since my mother started there in 1963, my youngest daughter will start in 2021. Both sets of my great-grandparents lived in the village in their later years. 

Crakehall is a beautiful Yorkshire village, with some unique and wonderful attributes, and I want to do what I can to keep this a happy and appealing place to live and raise my family. I am also considerate of the demands of a growing population and modern lifestyles and the effects these have on maintaining precious amenities.

I have been a Parish Councillor for the last 12 months, and I would like to continue the role with a focus on the phase two play area the main green (having completed phase one on the Beck side last year), and getting on top of repairs and maintenance around the village, whilst also working on any other issues that come forward. 



My family have lived in Crakehall since 1928 and I am the third generation of farmers with the fourth and fifth coming up. We are passionate about our environment and upkeep of our beautiful village for
both residents and visitors. I was elected onto the Parish Council when I was in my twenties and
over the years, I have served with many different councillors to improve and maintain our picturesque village to a high standard. There are many tasks that have been carried out by councillors from play areas, roads, Christmas tree lights, clearing the beck when required, to agreeing or contesting planning applications, maintaining overall appearances, all with our village at the heart when making these decisions. I have over the years held positions of chairperson and vice chair, and together we have achieved many improvements for all residents young and old. My aim is to continue to carry on the good work of previous councils if elected.


I have lived in Crakehall only a short while, however, during that time I have thrown myself into being as active a member of the community as I possibly can. Whenever I used to drive through Crakehall I always used to think the people who lived there were so lucky. I now count myself one of those fortunate folk and a huge desire to help make our village one of the best places to live, was the factor behind me applying to join the council in November 2017. I have thoroughly enjoyed organising and successfully delivering many projects in the village including:

- Tour de Yorkshire Event
- Crakehall Remembers Armistice Event
- New Village Signs
- Lobbying various government and council bodies to address speeding in the village
- Working with School to introduce cones and walk to school initiatives 
- Installation of new lamp-post flower planters 
- Designed Village survey to understand where we can improve 
- Worked closely with Dog Warden to address fouling problem 
- Arranged for Police presence and updates at council meetings 
- Proactive in addressing any village maintenance issues with the relevant area or body

I pride myself on being approachable to all and am always available to chat to parishioners about any ongoing concerns or issues. If I should be elected onto the council I would focus on pursuing whatever options are available to us to address the ongoing speeding issue as well as the general upkeep and maintenance of the village aesthetic. 













Dianne and I moved to Patrick Brompton in 1981. I was elected to the council in 1985 and served as unpaid clerk and vice chairman until 1993, when we moved to the Bay Horse Inn, Crakehall.
I think most people in our village will be aware of my contribution to the village, and here is a short resumé;
25 years chairman of Crakehall cricket club,
Founder of the Emmerdale Charity Cricket Match,
In 2002 Chairman of the Queen's Golden Jubilee Committee that organised the village celebrations.
My interests are varied but they include all sports from the comfort of my arm chair! However, I still play golf infrequently. I also enjoy pottering in the garden and growing pot leeks and I am currently chairman of the village leek club and founder member.
I am a traditionalist by nature, my priorities will be to preserve village life, culture and vision for the village future.
I am a very proud Yorkshireman and believe in value for money. 

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