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Parish Council Meetings

Crakehall with Langthorne Parish Council has 6 Councillors, five representing Crakehahll and one representing Langthorne. It is an elected body in the first tier of local government and plays a vital part in representing the interests of the parish and its inhabitants.


The parish council normally meets on the third Wednesday of the month every other month in the village hall and there is always a chance for members of the public to ask questions or raise matters of concern. If you are unable to attend a meeting you can contact the clerk who can raise the issue on your behalf.

Minutes of meetings held over the last year

If you require the minutes of meetings that are not displayed here, please contact the clerk on cwlpc.clerk@gmail.com

Next Meeting

The next scheduled meeting of the council will be held on Wednesday 18 March 2020. The agenda for the meeting will appear here at least 7 days before the meeting.